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Several Windows 7 users have reported that when they try to check for new updates using Windows Update, it keeps checking for updates for hours.The progress bar keeps showing progress animation which makes you think that Windows Update is doing something but even after waiting for hours, nothing happens.

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Windows Update is one of the key elements of Microsoft’s operating system for keeping your computer working and up to date.

Without it, your computer would freely collect malware, unpatched security holes would be exploited and generally things would run pretty slowly.

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If not, read the Remove temporary files article on how to get rid of unnecessary files with CCleaner.

Second, verify that time and date are correct on your PC - a date in the past or the future prevents both Windows Update and Genuine Windows Validation tool from working properly.

Thanks Hi, Are you referring to microsoft mouse and keyboard center ?

I used to have microsoft mouse and that software is not worth having Mouse properties is a lot better.

I did a clean install recently and Windows updates wont work.

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