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An older photo of Jay-Z and Shenelle Scott More importantly, what about the psychological issues the child has and will continue to suffer, knowing his dad has reportedly denied him, paying off his mom to go away.

Jay Z has been linked to curvy rapper Liv, an exotic woman of color whom he met in Miami.

The 45-year-old rapper promptly asked Liv for her number so he could call her.

The website Bossip first broke the story about the rapper impregnating, Shenelle Scott, who is a model from Trinidad.

Beyonce Knowles The Bossip post stated, Scott was paid $1,000,000 to keep quiet about the pregnancy and began raising the baby as someone else's child.

Well below is picture of the two kids, Blue Ivy and Shenelle Scott’s child.

A blockbuster Life & Style magazine article confirms rumors that NY Power couple Jay Z and Beyonce are headed to divorce court.

The next time they met at Nobu, Jay Z allegedly cornered her in a hallway.

“Solange was upset when she saw him talking to me,” Liv tells .

By the time Jay Z and Beyonce married in 2008, he had already sired a son with video model Shenelle Scott.

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