Who is preity zinta dating

Of course she never had an inkling that one day she would get linked with him but fate had different plans!

It’s said that when Sanjay took to substance abuse after the release of his debut, Rocky, Tina found it difficult to handle him.

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A lot has been discussed about her relationship status, her marriage plans and break-up with Ness Wadia.

However the pretty girl is soon going to get married to Gene Goodenough, an American guy who has been dating the A source which spoke to said, “He supports, encourages and understands her.

Twist in the tale First blow in their relationship was reported in 2009, when there were news of Ness slapping Preity at a party.

A few months after that the couple broke up but never spoke publicly about their split.

And here’s what we found about the firang who accompanied her to IPL 2014 semi-final match and is also one of the key witnesses in the case filed by PZ against ex, Ness Wadia…. He is based in Los Angeles, is 30-something and works as a financial analyst.

Our source says the two met on one of her trips to the US a couple of years ago. Gene gave her company during this year’s IPL and she flew back with him to the US after the finals, as he had to return to work,” adds the source.Among his millions of female fans was the gorgeous Tina Munim who had made a name for herself as a young, hot and sought-after actress in the late 70s.Back then, she was dating Sanjay Dutt though she was an ardent admirer of Rajesh Khanna.February 2005 - May 2009Preity Zinta dated businessman Ness Wadia for four years before they split in 2009.The couple was followed closely in the press, with frequent reports of breakups and engagements.What is not known, however, is the actress, who is following the case from America, is in a relationship.

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