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The provides the necessary security for all channels and makes the digitalization journey safer and faster.

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This articles talks about how teletherapy is becoming much more mainstream – fast.

Also notable is that more states are requiring health insurers to cover telemedicine, or virtual doctor visits by phone, text, or video link.

The ti&m approach is cost efficient with an extremely low cost of entry and compatible with most of the current security providers.

Many banks and insurance companies offer their customers several ways to contact them, but these channels are often poorly or incompletely synchronized. It merges the channels and points of contact and provides flexibility by integrating additional mobile devices such as smartphones, Apple Watches, and other wearables.

Each company can make their own individual onboarding strategy with the ti&m , covering the onboarding process end-to-end and enabling rapid processing, the ti&m solution provides a completely new, fast and digitized user experience.

A new standard for end-to-end digital onboarding Until recently, starting a business relationship with a Swiss bank required a handwritten signature and a personal interview at the nearest branch.

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ti&m digital onboarding, one of the ti&m , covers the entire onboarding process end-to-end, enabling banks to convert prospects into customers quickly and without changing the contact channel.

And it leaves banks free to determine the key features and designs of the process.

It has two email services -- Gmail, which is the top email service in the U. based on unique visitors, according to Com Score, and Inbox; three text offerings, Hangouts, Messenger and the upcoming Allo; and now two video chat services, Duo and Hangouts (which offers texting and video calls).

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