Updating file in jar

Is there a Gradle way to update the contents of a JAR?

updating file in jar-89updating file in jar-52

This can be done with the includes, includesfile, excludes, excludesfile and defaultexcludes attributes.

With the includes or includesfile attribute you specify the files you want to have included by using patterns.

You may use any combination of the sorting options below.

The basedir attribute is the reference directory from where to jar.

This task forms an implicit File Set and supports most attributes of elements.

You can also use nested file sets for more flexibility, and specify multiple ones to merge together different trees of files into one JAR. An example use of this is provided in the Zip task documentation.

When setting the classpath, on Windows you can separate the different locations with semicolons, and on unix you can separate the different locations with colons. At the command prompt in the C:\stuff directory, I can type the following to compile the file.

If I didn't include commons-lang in the classpath, I'd get a compilation error since the java compiler wouldn't know what String Utils is, since it wouldn't know where to find it. In order to execute this class, we need to supply the classpath referencing commons-lang-2.3to the java interpreter so that it knows what to do when the String Utils.replace() method is called.

If I want to update Server Info.properties in org/apache/catalina/util... The exec function I'm using is always generating jar even after using onlyif/unless.

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