Theonomy and the dating of revelation

This book defends a redemptive-historical preterist view of these famous prophecies, showing, among other things, that Nero is the Man of Sin and the Beast; the Great Tribulation occurred in A. Some of the studies are technical studies; some are more general.

All offer important insights into the preterist interpretation of Revelation.

In this work you will see how John put on the mantle of the Old Testament prophet to confront Israel in her rebellion.

Christian Research I have produced in-depth materials critiquing and rebutting dispensationalism, Hyper-preterism, the framework hypothesis, paedocommunion, exclusive psalmody, annihilationism, and other popular theological abberations.

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A legitimate and seemingly clear possibility is that it still was intact.

If the date of Revelation can be shown to be before 70 A.

This is why they won't address Ken's monumental work.

Before Jerusalem Fell is a scholarly and thorough study of the dating of Revelation.

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D., then much of the prophecy it contains clearly comes to fruition in the destruction of Jerusalem and its temple in 70 A. Philip Hughes explains that “the number 144,000 stands here for the complete company of the redeemed.

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