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Hi again, Searching my old notes I also found that oss note 67496 is importend, Icopied the oss note below, this seems to bee your problem. 67496 Page 1________________________________________________________________________Number 0067496Version 0005 from Status Released for customer Set by SAP AG on Language ENShort text AS/400: Out-of-date data in DB02 and DB12Administrator SAP AGComponent BC-DB-DB4 DB2 for AS/400________________________________________________________________________Long text Symptom Out-of-date data displayed by DB02 and DB12.

Additional key words TCOLL, RSDB4090, RSORATDB, COLLECTOR_FOR_PERFORMANCEMONITOR, CCMS, Stateon disk, Backup monitor, CCMS Backup Monitor Cause and preconditions In 3.0F, RSDB4090 is not scheduled automatically.

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This document gives a quick heads up for activities needs to be performed post upgrade from 4.6c to ECC 6 Follow-Up Activities The follow-up activities are divided into three blocks: • Actions needed before resuming production operation These actions ensure that all the processes that are relevant to system operation are available again.

You can start these actions while the upgrade program is finishing the upgrade.

For more information about how to install the current SAP kernel, see SAP Note 19466.

Checking the saposcol Version Make sure that your saposcol version matches your operating system, especially with respect to the 32-bit and 64-bit distinction.

The database was recently copiedfrom another R/3 system. Lotus Notes : Rodolfo Neuhaus/Peru/IBMZIBMPEPager Id : 241-4141 x 366796 or JIM DOLL < JDOLLZp...> on 03/01/2001 Please respond to JIM DOLL < JDOLLZp...> To: Rodolfo Neuhaus/Peru/IBMZIBMPEcc: Subject: Re: Memory/System requirements for SAPRodolfo: I believe there is a program that needs to run: on ourproductionsystem, it runs about am. If you click on REFRESH, I believe, you have an option to submit abatch job. Jim Doll, Perrigo BASIS>>> Rodolfo_Neuhaus/Peru/IBM%IBMPE <rneuhaus Zp...> 01/03 PM >>> I will tell you a strange problem I am seeing on a AS/400 R/3is that the console of the transaction DB02 is not updating thedate of last refresh (above of the push button "Refresh Data").

For a copy of our production machine, it took over 20 minutes to finish thestatistics. The SAP R/3 is of the version 3.0F and with kernel 3.1I. Neuhaus IBM Global Services Lima - Perú---------------------------------------------------------------------------Internet Userid (VP Buddy and Lotus Sametime Connect) : rneuhaus Zp...januar 2001 > Til: 'SAP on System i'; 'rneuhaus Zp...'> Cc: sap400> Emne: SV: DB02 : Pushbutton "Refresh data"does not updat e> "Last Refresh Analysis Data">> Hi all,>> Long ago, when I was on 3.1H with 3.1I kernel, I had similar problems,>> Problem got solved by a kernel patch - I was 508.(described in note> 307783)>> Hope this helps.>> Regards> Klaus Lindegaard>> > -----Oprindelig meddelelse-----> > Fra: Rodolfo Neuhaus/Peru/IBM [SMTP:rneuhaus Zp...]> > Sendt: 4.Check the actions that are listed in this block and perform them before you restart production operation, if necessary.• Actions during production operation You can also perform these actions when the system is back to production operation.Performing Follow-Up Activities for the SAP Kernel Installing the SAP Kernel For production operation, you must replace the SAP kernel that was installed during the upgrade with the current SAP kernel from SAP Service Marketplace.

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