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Federal law has several flaws, however, that allow ineligible individuals to obtain firearms. Private Sales: The single largest gap in the federal background check requirement is that unlicensed, private sellers are not required to conduct background checks.

As a result, convicted felons and other ineligible people are able to easily buy guns in most states nationwide.

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speech by President Obama) would receive “amnesty bonuses” of $24,000.

According to the rumor, the bonus in question would be disbursed in the form of “tax refunds” issued to immigrants who had paid no income taxes in the first place.

Once they are issued Social Security numbers, the newly-authorized immigrants can receive federal tax breaks and seek benefits dating back three years.

“The program allows you to file for Earned Income Tax credits,” Koskinen told the Senate Finance Committee. Chuck Grassley of Iowa was aghast immigrants could be rewarded for work done illegally in prior years.

Under federal law, if a firearms dealer who has initiated a background check has not been notified within three business days that the sale would violate federal or state laws, the sale may proceed by default.

Many default proceed cases require extra time and attention precisely because the firearm purchaser has a long record of dangerous red flags; according to data compiled by Mayors Against Illegal Guns, default proceed sales are 8 times more likely to involve a prohibited purchaser than other background checks.

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