Is taylor and taylor still dating

The Just Dance singer has been spotted cosying up with her talent agent Christian Carino, according to Hollywood Life.

The singer, who performed at the Super Bowl’s half-time show on Sunday, was seen kissing Carino at the NRG Stadium, where the event was held.

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At least we'll always have the rocky shores of New England to remember it by. S." shirt-wearing three month relationship, Hiddleston and Swift threw up the deuces to their whirlwind romance.

Since then, both have kept their distance from the press and presumably from each other.

She’s excited to see where things go.” In 2015, a rumor swirled around saying that the stars were in contact with each other, even though she was dating Calvin Harris at the time.

An unidentified source told magazine that, “He said he owed Taylor an apology for how things ended between them.

Following their break-up Gaga released a statement saying the couple had always believed they were ‘soulmates’.

Onstage, pop singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran is known for performing romantic songs based on personal experiences, but offstage, his relationship history is a bit more mysterious.

"He's been my lover and my friend for a long time." That doesn't mean they were back together, though, as much as fans might want that to be true.

Gaga has been herself the subject of dating rumors, but is Taylor Kinney dating anyone after Lady Gaga?

The magazine also said that Kinney and Di Giovanni had traveled together to Austin, Texas for a Taylor Swift show and a Formula One race.

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