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Close friends of troubled producer Jermaine Dupri say he’s depressed and despondent over his breakup with pop legend Janet Jackson.

His friends asked this blogger to try and understand the reasoning behind Friday night’s emotional outburst that led to death threats.

“Now he’s holding marketing meetings online with the fans! I think Ludacris is the only one that’s got a good deal [with a major label] now.

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(A pal says Dupri skipped the memorial because he “doesn’t attend funerals.”) And for good reason.

“His friends are telling people it’s over,” a source tells Us Weekly.

Still, with their names very much intertwined, it was little surprise that Dupri was quizzed about his iconic ex – who has since married Qatari billionaire Wissam Al Mana – while doing the promo rounds at the 2015 BET Awards. Find out below, where Dupri also dishes on his blunt approach to working with Mariah Carey. I think she’s the right person — I think she’s the only person (BET) should be honoring with this award. Those are idols of mine and I’m happy to see them doing what I watched and wanted for me and my artists.

Especially given that she was the night’s MVP after receiving the the Ultimate Icon honor. So to see them make (another) record with her — and I hope it’s the whole album — that’s a teaching to this new generation about how you’re supposed to make records.” “One thing people need to pay attention is the fact that I am a producer.

And I just said, sometimes I think she doesn’t pay attention to “that” enough.

JD talks that talk in celebration of the “Confessions” 10-year anniversary..

“Our wedding gifts to one another were contributions to our respective favorite children’s charities.

We would appreciate that our privacy is respected and that we are allowed this time for celebration and joy.

“You hit him in a place where he lays awake at night and can’t sleep because he’s thinking about it.

“How would you feel if the woman you loved blamed you for ruining her career and now she’s dating a billionaire? JD told a writer that rumors of his separation from Janet are mere “assumptions” — despite the fact that Janet has apparently moved on with her life.

(Dupri produced several tracks on her last two CDs.) “Janet felt their lives were too crossed and they should have kept things sepa­rate.” Plus, the polar opposites were never too compatible. Janet’s the family’s backbone.” Jackson’s rep couldn’t be reached.

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