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The ensuing intellectual upheaval ushered in the beginnings of a new global order and laid the foundations of the law of war.

But the episode has resonated down the centuries in other, less well-known ways.

It is also one of the oldest breeds, with archaeological evidence of horses in the Middle East that resemble modern Arabians dating back 4,500 years.

The battle opened on a sunny summer Saturday that would be the bloodiest day in British history.

At the end of that day almost 20,000 of our soldiers were dead and 58,000 wounded, a ‘‘butcher’s bill’’ greater than the casualties of the Crimean, Boer and Korean wars combined.

This combination of willingness and sensitivity requires modern Arabian horse owners to handle their horses with competence and respect. Arabians dominate the discipline of endurance riding, and compete today in many other fields of equestrian sport.

They are one of the top ten most popular horse breeds in the world.

Selective breeding for traits including an ability to form a cooperative relationship with humans created a horse breed that is good-natured, quick to learn, and willing to please.

The Arabian also developed the high spirit and alertness needed in a horse used for raiding and war.Ulukaya knew people who had been taken by the authorities and simply never came back. Ulukaya is a quiet man with oversize features and a subtle magnetism that’s occasionally punctured by an endearingly goofy high-pitched laugh.Unlike many CEOs, he radiates more warmth than authority, and his manner is unhurried, even when his schedule is hectic (his schedule is always hectic).Most men died in the first few minutes after 7.30am when, laden with 60lbs of kit, they had climbed laboriously out of their trenches in obedience to their officers’ whistles, and advanced at a steady walk towards German lines supposedly pulverised by a five-day artillery barrage and the explosion of giant mines. Deep underground in their dugouts, the Germans had sat out the British bombardment.As soon as it lifted, they rushed up the steps with their machine guns and rubbed their eyes in delighted disbelief as they saw the long lines of khaki plodding towards fields of barbed wire tangled but not destroyed by the shelling.Ulukaya was lucky that day in Ankara; the police let him go with a warning. We thought capitalism was the reason for the suffering of poor people.

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