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She had a part in the 1985 cult teen-comedy Just One of the Guys in which she tries to seduce a teenaged girl who was disguised as a boy, played by Joyce Hyser.

Fenn starred alongside Johnny Depp in the 1985 short student film Dummies, directed by Laurie Frank for the American Film Institute.

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The majority of Cryer's account of Sheen's meltdown was released in an excerpt last month, complete with porn and prostitute tales, but here are some other juicy tidbits about his former co-star and beyond.

Read Jon Cryer's painful inside account of Charlie Sheen's meltdown1.

Fenn and Depp dated for three and a half years, subsequently getting engaged.

In 1987, she joined Depp in a season-one episode of 21 Jump Street called "Blindsided".

was released this week, and we read it so you don't have to.

(But if you have some time, you should read it because it's wry, witty, engaging and incredibly self-deprecating.)The book covers the actor's theater roots and 30-year career in showbiz, from his big break in to (duh) Charlie Sheen.

She loves animals and has an insane amount of her own in her apartment.

Kelly works as a veterinary assistant for Sean Moore.

Two men and a porn star: Cryer and Sheen first met in the '80s when they auditioned for a movie that never got made.

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