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Our parents had given us everything they had lacked growing up in the Depression.

In return, we frittered away our lives on sex, TV and cars.

'' Rock music,'' Bloom writes, ''has one appeal only, a barbaric appeal, to sexual desire -- not love, not eros, but sexual desire undeveloped and untutored.'' Rock & roll, according to Bloom, has only three themes: ''sex, hate and a smarmy, hypocritical version of brotherly love.'' Bloom's antirock diatribe hits full stride when he likens pop music to a ''pubescent child whose body throbs with orgiastic rhythms; whose feelings are made articulate in hymns to the joys of onanism or the killing of parents; whose ambition is to win fame and wealth in imitating the drag-queen who makes the music.

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The previous spring, Betty Friedan had published , giving voice to the languor of middle-class housewives and kick-starting second-wave feminism in the process.

In much of the country, the Pill was still only available to married women, but it had nonetheless become a symbol of a new, freewheeling sexuality.

his summer, Allan Bloom, a professor of philosophy at the University of Chicago, published a pop polemic, a long and tendentious treatise on the decline of American youth.

The book - gloomily entitled - blames the waywardness of the young on, among other things, rock & roll and Mick Jagger, the lowlife satyr of dirty dancing.

True, he was married, but he was "handsome," and the "president" and she describes him as having expertly maneuvered her into bed. No access to power, no feeling "special," agonizing embarassment, no internship.

Girls and women make just such devil's bargains every day.This is a story about a young and impressionable female intern in the White House -- a virgin, with girlish dreams about princes and presidents.Young girls are trained to marry the wealthiest or most powerful man on the block.I stress that it is good for five reasons: It is natural. I once asked a doctor in my parish, a very devout Catholic, what percentage of his Catholic patients were practicing some form of artificial birth control. Petersburg, Fla., said back in February, on the matter of artificial contraception, "That train left the station long ago.Catholics have made up their minds and the hot topic in Catholic circles.When the prince comes calling, few young girls can resist this opportunity.

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