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This was not one of my typical DIY trips to an archaeological site. Jeri and I were participants in a field trip offered by the Santa Fe School of Advanced Research (SAR), a truly first class affair. The Folsom Site is a world famous archaeological site located a few miles northwest of the very small town of Folsom, New Mexico, in the far northeast part of the state. They felt a migration across the Bering Strait was a relatively recent thing.Great food, accommodations, distinguished lecturers and guides, and being driven around by others. Remember this was before radiocarbon dating and there was almost no understanding of the ice age dynamics. In August of 1908 a massive Summer thunderstorm hit the Folsom area, dumping in that single storm almost 14 inches of rain on Johnson Mesa.

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It is thought they brought Clovis point technology (earlier, similar points were found in France) and genetic diversity (such as red hair and large noses) to Native Americans.

The exact date humans came to North America will not be found soon, but the Hebior and Schaefer Wisconsin mammoth sites about 350 miles northeast of our recovery site were recently carbon-dated to 15,000 to 16,500 years ago and contained artifacts that were basically cutting and skinning tools.

To Mc Junkin, they looked odd, like Bison bones, but bigger. Climbing down into the arroyo, he found mounds of stone flakes as well as worked stone lance points of a very unusual type. It was years before he could get anyone else interested in his find.

Had it been any ranch hand other than Mc Junkin, the story would have ended there. Born a black slave, he was self schooled in natural history and science. What could a black cowboy possibly know about archaeology?

What was the climate like when people first came here?

Northern Illinois has an unusual climate history due to its latitude and geology.

Clovis points were found at the Kimmswick site (Mastodon State Historic Site) associated with mastodons, which were forest-dwelling browsers very distantly related to elephants.

Elephants, mammoths and mastodons are all within the Order This period is indicated by the introduction of many new shapes and forms of stone tools including the Graham Cave side notched, Hidden Valley stemmed, Rice lobed, Rice contracting stemmed, Rice lanceolates, and St. This period coincides with warm and dry climatic conditions.

With a tool style that’s been found across much of North America, Clovis was the best-selling brand in “the first Americans” competition.

Clovis technology is apparently a home-grown phenomenon, as it’s never been found in Northeast Asia, the source of migrants into the New World.

Some archaeologists accept this period and point to the Shriver site in Daviess County as evidence for a stone tool technology that pre-dates Clovis point tool technology.

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