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James I of Aragon dedicates a couple of chapters to his mother Maria of Montpellier and his father Peter II of Aragon (called "Peter the Catholic"), who had been given the title of "Rex Catholicissimus" by the Pope after the Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa in which he helped Alfonso VIII of Castile fight against the Moors, one year before his death.

Peter II of Aragon died defending his vassal lords of Occitania, who were accused of allowing the Cathar heresy to proliferate in their counties.

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He was killed in the Battle of Muret, fighting against the Crusader troops commanded by Simon de Montfort.

Though the text of the Llibre dels fets was dictated and edited by James I, the actual writing was done by scribes, not James himself; it is written is colloquial language, representing the native tongue as spoken, and its style is direct.

The conquest by James I in 1229 of Majorca, one of the Balearic Islands held by the Muslim Almohads, and his consequent founding of the Kingdom of Majorca, probably inspired him to start the dictation of his chronicles, he having had an active part in the Reconquista of the Iberian Peninsula (in the context of Europe's medieval Christian Crusades).

The Llibre dels fets narrative ends with James' death in 1276.

However, if you do decide to tempt fate, these are the ways you’ll most likely get caught. Thinking You’ll Beat The Odds Most gamblers are familiar with the expression, “The house always wins.” Yet, casinos are filled with people risking their money to beat the odds. “There is a rush involved in having an affair,” Severson says.

“And like any relationship, emotions fade over time.

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