Dating chair

If your rocking chair is like this, then it might very well date to before 1830, which was when the “Boston rocker” with curved arms and back was introduced.

In the 17th century large numbers of richly carved chairs were produced.

In Italy many pieces of furniture were the work of sculptors, the most outstanding of whom was .

Look to see how comfortably the chair sits upon its rockers.

The earliest rocking chairs were ordinary slat-back kitchen chairs--that is, chairs whose backs consist of a top-rail and a single thick lower rail--attached to rockers almost as an afterthought.

Sitting on a chairlift, especially on larger mountains, can be a boring and isolating process.

So why not see if there’s a spark with your fellow rider?

The horizontal back rail, curved to fit the body, was supported on three uprights.

The , or X-chair, which had a seat supported on an X-shaped frame, dates back at least to Roman times.

Many chairs in the 16th century depended on , sometimes tooled.

The material was held in place by large-headed brass nails.

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