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Elizabeth likes to watch a good drama, but I think she should be in a drama.

When I look at her photo, she reminds me of a Hollywood starlet from days gone by.

Elizabeth describes herself as simple and if it weren't for her dramatic eyes, I might have to agree.

Some of her favorite activities include studying, cleaning and washing and doing the Tango.

I’ve spent a lot of time around people of that culture to learn a thing or ten.

Well, my grandparents, aunts and uncles are Jamaican.

The self proclaimed sweet and loving Cuba girl reveals that she wanted to be a teacher when she was growing up and sees herself with a family within the next ten years.

She definitely strikes me as someone who would be a very nurturing (and beautiful) mother.WASHINGTON—Overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from the public, the National Trust for Historic Preservation reported Wednesday that it had raised more than million in just three days to demolish President Trump’s boyhood home in Queens, NY.DURHAM, NC—Dispelling the myth of the young Wall Street go-getter, a report released by Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business on Wednesday revealed that 87 percent of Goldman Sachs employees actually began their jobs with plans to take down the multinational financial conglomerate from the inside.Cuba doesn't generally give out travel visa to the United States except in special circumstances, and for a US citizen to travel to Cuba is a federal crime.This is much less of a problem if you are a Cuban-American.The Cuban Embargo was imposed by the Eisenhower Administration in October 1960 and has been keeping Americans out of Cuba ever since.

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