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In particular, some private-equity firms are hungrily eyeing auto supply companies for investment opportunities, according to Wharton management professor John Paul Mac Duffie and Christopher Benko, director of the Pricewaterhouse Coopers Automotive Institute in Detroit. “There are a number of issues weighing this industry down, but the fundamental point is that the drivers of change are less connected to cyclical factors, and are more a function of structurally embedded problems that this industry has been avoiding for some time,” says Benko.

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The case of Henry Molaison, formerly known as patient H.

M., became a landmark in studies of memory as it relates to amnesia and the removal of the hippocampal zone and sparked massive interest in the study of brain lesions and their effect on memory.

The two proposed the perseveration-consolidation hypothesis after they found that new information learned could disrupt information previously learnt if not enough time had passed to allow the old information to be consolidated.

Systematic studies of anterograde amnesia started to emerge in the 1960s and 1970s.

After Molaison underwent a bilateral medial temporal lobe resection to alleviate epileptic symptoms the patient began to suffer from memory impairments.

Molaison lost the ability to encode and consolidate newly learned information leading researchers to conclude the medial temporal lobe (MTL) was an important structure involved in this process.Memory consolidation was first referred to in the writings of the renowned Roman teacher of rhetoric Quintillian. that the interval of a single night will greatly increase the strength of the memory,” and presented the possibility that “… undergoes a process of ripening and maturing during the time which intervenes.” The process of consolidation was later proposed based on clinical data illustrated in 1882 by Ribot’s Law of Regression, “progressive destruction advances progressively from the unstable to the stable”. Burnham a few years later in a paper on amnesia integrating findings from experimental psychology and neurology.Coining of the term “consolidation” is credited to the German researchers Müller and Alfons Pilzecker who rediscovered the concept that memory takes time to fixate or undergo “Konsolidierung” in their studies conducted between 18.ASTM Committee C09 on Concrete and Concrete Aggregates has begun work toward developing standards for self-consolidating concrete.Martin Vachon describes how a special type of concrete self-consolidates without the use of vibration, its market share around the world, and the work of C09 in writing standards for it.First, it requires companies to look beyond their day-to-day activities and be much more proactive in considering their inorganic growth options.

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