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That story was always kind of neat to me and Sarah knew that,' he said.A couple in New Jersey have opened a hospice for dying shelter dogs, one where the furry animals have the run of the house and six acres of land so they can spend their dying days surrounded by sun, love and dignity.The lucky dogs are selected from shelters where they would otherwise likely be euthanized due to their age and health issues.

The non-profit hospice, called Monkey's House, plucks terminal dogs from local kill shelters and gives them home-cooked food, beds, vet care, and plenty of belly rubs as their days dwindle down.'This is their last stop,' says founder Michelle Allen. We want it to be the very best it can be.'The hospice, located in Southhampton and named Monkey's house after a foster dog who passed away, is in the home of Michelle and her husband, Jeff.

There are approximately 20 to 30 dogs living at the home at any given time, all of them with health problems ranging from cancer to heart conditions to diabetes.

Economists have reassured them that new jobs would be created even as old ones were eliminated. Despite massive automation of millions of jobs, more Americans had jobs at the end of each decade up through the end of the 20th century.

However, this empirical fact conceals a dirty secret.

And the losers are not necessarily some small segment of the labor force like buggy whip manufacturers.

The devastated father of missing teen Sarah Stern is clinging to the hope that the body of his only daughter will be found after two childhood friends were charged in connection with her murder.

There is no economic law that says that everyone, or even most people, automatically benefit from technological progress.

People with little economics training intuitively grasp this point.

He allegedly strangled Stern at her home in the course of robbing her of thousands of dollars. My wife Carla passed away from cancer four years ago, almost to the day.'The 61-year-old said that he drove Mc Atasney and his twin brother Seamus to school with his daughter.'They made their Confirmation together five years ago. Liam and Seamus were on the volunteer fire department in Bradley Beach with Sarah as a cadet about three years ago.'The other boy took Sarah to the junior prom. Apparently he helped Liam with her body.'Liam Mc Atasney stopped by Stern's home in December to offer him support after Sarah went missing, he said.

Preston Taylor, who took Sarah to junior prom, has been charged with desecration of human remains and hindering apprehension after he allegedly helped Mc Atasney by taking Stern's body from her home and driving in her car to throw her into the water. Mc Atasney and Taylor also reportedly took part in a search for the missing girl on December 10, according to

Michael Stern, the devastated father of missing New Jersey teen Sarah Stern, is clinging to the bleak hope that the body of his only daughter will be found after two childhood friends were charged in connection with her murder The 19-year-old college student, pictured left as a child in a photo provided by her father, has not been seen since December 2 when her car was found abandoned with the keys still in the ignition on the Route 35 Bridge over Shark River in Belmar, New Jersey There were suspicions that she had committed suicide or run away from home but following a tip-off, police charged classmate Liam Mc Atasney (left) with first-degree felony murder and robbery last Thursday, and Preston Taylor (right) with dumping her body Sarah's father, Michael Stern, who works in construction, exclusively told Daily that he was informed of the arrests last Wednesday.'That's my whole life - you see a flash. Stern, a lifelong resident of the Jersey Shore, said that he didn't know Taylor's parents but knew the Mc Atasney family well.

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