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Join the Meeting Place The “Meeting Place” is a website designed to provide people with a fresh choice of meeting new friends for the exclusive purpose of socializing with NO Expectations of a Relationship.

In the last ten years we’ve been recognized as one of the best dating software makers by industry pundits at i Date Awards, as well as independent reviewers and actual customers at Obanzera, Sitejabber, Trustpilot, etc.

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North East Staff will guide you through the easy process of running and maintaining your very own profitable online dating or matchmaking site, Free 24hr Tech Support is included.

Choose any one of our and receive the free dating software package free of charge.

Preferably an Australian one but at this point in time I'm looking at anything available. If you are indeed looking at starting a new dating site I can tell you right now your business is going to fail. Because you can't come onto the scene with some free crap (OSS can be great, but this is different) dating software and start making money. OP wants something free/cheap that's going to magically compete in one of the most highly competitive markets without any innovation or significant effort on his behalf.

Thankyou This really isn't an easy thing to build and I doubt you'll find much in the way of useful free scripts, especially if you want algorithmic based matching. He/She needs a point of difference, not to necessarily abandon the idea.

Hi I'm looking for a free or cheap website builder program that also has a dating/matchmaking feature.

I have NO technical experience and have found some information online but not exactly what I am looking for.If I have a questions I receive always a fast answer from Rick at Advan Date.Ska Date (9) – Ska Date offers the most advanced professional online dating soltions for businesses.We do this to make the process of launching online dating business as simple as possible, including for people far removed from anything IT-related.Thank you for installing the site for me and for being there for me. Advandate has been very helpful in getting our old site converted to their software.MONETIZATION No matter what goes on around the world, one thing you can always rely on is people looking for ways to find their match, fall in love, get married, or simply get hooked up.

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