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Most web users are very positive about the changes the internet has brought to their lives, with strong support for the information available, the greater freedom it brings and social networking.

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The poll found that they were evenly split between those who felt that "the internet is a safe place to express my opinions" (48%) and those who did not feel this (49%).

Japan was among the countries where most web users did not feel they could express their opinions safely online (65%), alongside South Korea (70%), France (69%), Germany (72%), and China (55%).

“The first time out of the gate, a person may dread it and not have any success,” she says.

“But then they get back into it and it seems to work out for them.

Respondents aged 18–24 are the most enthusiastic (36%)—but even among those aged over 65, more than one in five (23%) regard the Internet as a good place to find a partner.

However, the results also suggest that those with a higher level of education are less likely to regard the Internet as a good place to find a partner—28 per cent of those with a university education felt it was, compared to 36 per cent of those who had not completed high school.

Among other nations, the urge to cyberdate isn’t quite as strong.

Twenty-one percent of Americans use the Internet for finding a partner, as do 16% of South Koreans, 28% of Brits and 27% of the French.

Today Thursday, 1st of June of 2017 is the 152nd day of the year.

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