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The Angel is one of the first electropneumatic paintball markers.

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What to Adjust: To time the marker you adjust two components of the pneumatics: the length of the searlug and the length of the timing rod.

The searlug sticks down from the hammer, attached to the rear cocking rod, and is the component that is released from the sear when the trigger is decompressed, firing the marker.

Consequently, WDP released the Gov'nair high pressure air system at the time of the original Angel's release. The first use of the Angel in a NPPL event was at the 1996 World Cup by Ted Kunewa with Washington Reign and Jacko with Banzai Bandits.

the valve drives the ram and is essentially an electronically controlled version of the four-way valves mounted to the front block of Autococker markers.

There used to be a 'cocker dating site to ID the year by serial number, and I'm sure someone archived it, but off the top of my head that's a '96/'97.

Obviously the passenger side pump slot was milled aftermarket, as they weren't coming with that from the factory.

Examples include the Line SI Advantage, the NSG Splatmaster Rapide and the Brass Eagle Barracuda.

Throwback Semi-Auto: The mechanism of the marker is cycled using gasses released by the valve which reset the firing mechanism between each shot, similar to the way some semi-automatic rifles such as the AK-47 operates.

The paintball is fired with this gas, then the four-way solenoid reverses, and delivers gas to the front of the ram, returning the ram and bolt assembly to their starting position. Major changes to body design and a new frame style. Stock with Sly carbon fiber tip, "Fly Paper" grip inserts, standard threaded Vertical Regulator adapter, Magno valve which uses magnets instead of a spring to close the valve.

Shares many of the same features as an LCD but in a slightly shorter overall package. Changed grip to 90 degree angle and a large trigger/ hand guard. The 03 model was released with the HP model solenoid but the new battery couldn't provide a reliable power source and was revised for 04 with a different solenoid to correct this problem.barrel threading changes again, G7 Fly/06 Speed threads are still compatible, also first Angel to use an OLED display with a blackberry style control wheel for fast board adjustments. Comes stock with kiss bolt (Soft tip bolt, compatible with kiss software to be gentle on paint) and the Magno ram as well as the Magno exhaust valve stem. Naturally quieter, more efficient and more consistent than the A1, also is compared to high-end spool valves in terms of quietness and smoothness while shooting.

This deal was short-lived, so WDP then distributed the Angel independently; refining the marker and releasing new models. high pressure air system alongside the Angel line of markers, giving markers an adjustable-pressure regulator featuring an LCD display system to monitor tank and output pressures.

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