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But be wary of promises that seem to be good to be true. [email protected] - Claimed to be from United Nations with money to award. He has 1.8 million dollars for you because he is critically ill. [email protected] - Wants to give you an ATM with lots of money. [email protected] - Claims they want to give you money from dieing widow. CLaims to be with government but actually with criminal enterprise. Yet the only giving they'll give you is a hole in your checking account [email protected] - Scammer looking to give you money that doesn't exist. Stay away from the links [email protected] - Phishing Scam claims to be form youtube and claims that you missed email. If you need to keep track of many emails, content or tasks you might want to invest in software that can maintain and organize daily projects. [email protected] - Fake Western Union Email address looking for information [email protected] - Promises to give out money - fake. [email protected] - Promise to give funds and probably looking for fees to be paid [email protected] - Claims you won a promotion. I think he's not sick, he's just majorly constipated. Probably a good idea not to click on the phishing link. [email protected] & [email protected] & [email protected] - Scammers from Uraguay using the name Mohammod want your personal information. [email protected] - Fake Donation to receiver [email protected] - Claims to be soldier, financial scam [email protected] - Says they are from DHL and courier. Your site on CS is your place where friends and members can come to view all these items, to contact you, send you flowers, rate your photos and leave you comments, shouts, and testimonials.

To see more emails from scammers visit the second page of email addresses click here Many of the scam emails come from Nigeria, Ghana, Benin and Jamaica.

However, scammers come from all countries, religions, and ethnic groups. Asare claims to be a retired banker at the Standard Chartered Bank Ghana. [email protected] - Wants you to send them money or give financial information. [email protected] - Uses name of Great Britain's Prime Minister.

[email protected] - Phishing scam that claims you have arrest record.

[email protected] - Phishing scam - Claims you missed phone call. Probably a computer virus sent by a real human virus.

First of these are the high chances of finding a match: men from abroad are often viewed by single East European girls as faithful and reliable partners.

Hey everyone, just got here to taste the waters, but after a while I found out that it's quite ok here, so I sent a couple of messages, chatted a bit, one thing led to another and I met Julia. I mean all this online dating, but despite everything I gave it a try.

Welcome to the Brazil Girls Dating at Brazil Girls website.

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